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Products > Belt conveyor accessories > Drum motor > Drum motor(X-ray security inspection)
Product name : Drum motor(X-ray security inspection)
Item : 2016322185852
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External Drawing

  1. The Diameter : 113.5mm , Power: 180w/250w/370w.
  2. Adopt steel gear and plastic gear in drum motor , planetary reducer , Low noise.
  3. The material can change to SUS304, when it will be used in food or pharmaceutical factory.
  4. Widely used in belt conveyor for Food ,Light industry,Airport,Post office......


  1. To prevent belt deviation, The tube is made to drum type. Paint anti-rust oil.
  2. Length (RL) can be customized according to customer requirements , also can rubber lagging or other
  3. Protection: IP66
  4. Material (End cap and Reduce casing) : aluminium alloy
  5. 3PH or 1PH AC motor,Voltage:440V,415V,400V,380V,230V,220V,200V,115V,110V,Frequency: 50or60HZ
  6. Insulation class: F , Overheat Protector
  7. Oil resistant cable,Length:1.25m
  8. Don’t more than 2 times on-off per minute
  9. Only can installed horizontal
10. When be used in food factory, pls inform us,the oil will change to food grade oil

Parameter (TM113E)


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