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Product name : PVC Roller
Item : 2016322201337
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PVC Roller

1. Heat insulation. Moisture protection. Light Weight.
2. Good chemical stability and electrical resistivity.
3. Weight burden less than 8kgs for single roller.
4. Polymer bearing, POM flanges with stainless steel balls.
5. Easy to install
Spring loaded.

Model Item No. Shaft
DPR201 DPRФ20*1.1-Ф6-W-L Zinc Plated-G/SS304-S/Raw-R
DPR251 DPRФ25*1.8-Ф8-W-L Zinc Plated-G/SS304-S/Raw-R
DPR301 DPRФ30*1.8-Ф8-W-L Zinc Plated-G/SS304-S/Raw-R
DPR381 DPRФ38*2.0-Ф8-W-L Zinc Plated-G/SS304-S/Raw-R
DPR382 DPRФ38*2.0-Ф10-W-L Zinc Plated-G/SS304-S/Raw-R
DPR501 DPRФ50*2.5-Ф8-W-L Zinc Plated-G/SS304-S/Raw-R
DPR502 DPRФ50*2.5-Ф10-W-L Zinc Plated-G/SS304-S/Raw-R
DPR503 DPRФ50*2.5-Ф12-W-L Zinc Plated-G/SS304-S/Raw-R
DPR601 DPRФ60*3.0-Ф10-W-L Zinc Plated-G/SS304-S/Raw-R
DPR602 DPRФ60*3.0-Ф12-W-L Zinc Plated-G/SS304-S/Raw-R

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